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Unit Converter related to air compressors

Unit Converter

Below please find unit converter commonly used for Air Compressor related units. Fill out the unit you know below and the others will get completed automatically.


Air Flow Rate

cubic meter/hour [m3/h]:
cubic meter/minute:
cubic meter/second [m3/s]:
liter/hour [L/h]:
liter/minute [L/min]:
liter/second [L/s]:
cubic foot/hour [ft3/h]:
cubic foot/minute [ft3/min]:
cubic foot/second [ft3/s]:


kilogram-force/sq. cm:
millibar [mbar]:
psi [psi]:
Standard atmosphere [atm]:
kilopascal [kPa]:
megapascal [MPa]:
pascal [Pa]:
inch water (4°C) [inAq]:
inch mercury (32°F) [inHg]:
millimeter mercury (0°C):
kilonewton/square meter:
newton/square meter:


cubic meter [m3]:
cubic foot [ft3]:
cubic inch [in3]:
liter [L, l]:
cc [cc, cm3]:
barrel (US) [bbl (US)]:
barrel (UK) [bbl (UK)]:
gallon (US) [gal (US)]:
gallon (UK) [gal (UK)]:
pint (US) [pt (US), pt liq (US)]:
pint (UK) [pt (UK)]:


watt [W]:
megawatt [MW]:
kilowatt [kW]:
horsepower [hp, hp (UK)]:
ton (refrigeration):
kilovolt ampere [kV*A]:
volt ampere [V*A]: