About Us


About Us

Welcome to CompressorWale- India’s one and only designated web-portal for air compressor information. We at CompressorWale, are passionate about building user relationship and since you’re looking for compressors, there is plenty of information here that will get you off to a proper start and help you take a well-informed decision.

Our mission is to simplify and shorten your research and buying process and to help you choose the RIGHT compressor among the various compressors available, giving you important specifications, features and comparison on one portal, making it an easier and user-friendly approach.

The need for aggregators in today’s time is more than ever and users in India are realizing its importance.

Compressor Machines are being used in majorly all industries- Textiles, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Cosmetics etc., we saw the problem of consumers hopping from dealer-to-dealer and a lack of an organised marketplace for buyers and sellers of used compressors. Discovering the gap in the market, with Internet being a great medium and India going “Digital”, we were inspired and passionate to fill-in and provide a simpler solution to our Indian consumers.

Here at CompressorWale we keep things unbiased and transparent suggesting you a range of options to buy an air compressor which best suits your parameters.

For our non-Hindi language users
The word ‘Wala/Wale’ (‘Wala’-Singular/’Wale’-Plural) is a Hindi word which is used in conjunction with another word describing the person assigned something specific like a job or an act.
Simple Examples:
1. Taxi Wala – Taxi driving person
2. Sandwich Wala – Sandwich making person
3. Doodh Wala - Milkman

Hence we are CompressorWale – The Compressor People!

Thank you for visiting.

Your CompressorWale- Rajkaran Chawla and Harveer Chawla.

Rajkaran Chawla
Rajkaran Chawla
Harveer Chawla
Harveer Chawla