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Air Compressor Explosion caught on a CCTV footage

We've uploaded this CCTV footage of an air compressor explosion to spread awareness and let people know yes this does occur and we want you to be careful. To be fair, you simply have to be cautious while operating any machine. Help yourselves (as the saying goes God helps those who help themselves) prevent these incidents, air compressor owners often forget that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The Tanks / Air Receivers rust from the inside because of moisture getting accumulated at the bottom. Over the years the rust reduces the thickness of the tank at the bottom thereby making it weak and unable to withstand even low pressures like 80 PSIg. We have seen tanks of good reputed make exploding after 20 years or so. Therefore please be safe and change your tanks.

Please spread this message and video so that people are careful and aware. We at CompressorWale are doing our bit, hope our users appreciate the same and hope and pray they do their bit.

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air compressor blast explosion