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ELGi launches oil-free compressors in the US

11 October 2018

ELGi launches oil-free compressors in the US

Air compressor manufacturing major ELGi Equipments introduced its range of oil-free air-compressors at Chicago recently.


Anvar Jay Varadaraj, Global Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications, said the new models would ensure that the company is able to service all oil-free air needs in the US market.


Oil-free compressors produce oil-free air as it has no oil in the compression chamber. The market for such compressors, though small relative to the lubricated screw compressor segment, is growing in prominence owing to environmental and clean air considerations.


Sensitive industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing look for oil-free compressors, owing to mandatory health and safety requirements, he explained.


The global market for oil-free compressors is estimated at $11.27 billion. It is expected to reach $15.2 billion by 2025.


According to Varadaraj, such compressors are being used across a variety of manufacturing applications. An industry focus on economical manufacturing methods, lower installation and maintenance costs further contribute to its growth.

Source : The Hindu Business Line

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