News & Updates » Four workers injured in an air compressor explosion in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra


Four workers injured in an air compressor explosion in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

28 June 2016

stay safe danger from air compressor

Four workers suffered serious injuries after the air compressor at the Khemisati Dying Company where they are employed exploded. The plant is located in Bhiwandi. The explosion sent the workers flying, causing waist injuries and caused the windows to shatter as well. We contacted and confirmed with the entity that it was an air compressor of a reputed multinational brand which they were using since 1993. Fortunately, the victims of the accident have been identified and they were rushed to a nearby hospital, the victims have undergone treatment and are back to their job.


According to the Police Sub Inspector of Bhiwandi Taluka Police Station, Sheetal Bamane, “We reached the spot after receiving call about the explosion in air compressor which was installed in the dying unit. Usually around 300 people work in the unit every day, but as it was a holiday, most of them were not present there. The victims suffered serious hand and waist injuries , they had been taken to Ashirwad Hospital in Bhiwandi where their treatment was done. We will register a case after completed panchnama of the facility.”


We, at, want to bring this to your attention, wish to aware everyone and want you to STAY SAFE. Please share to as many people to help raise awareness, help us prevent this tragedy from happening to anyone else.

What are the reasons that an air tank or air receiver can blast?

  1. Old air receiver : please note that these tanks rust from the inside and especially at the bottom of the tanks because of the moisture getting accumulated at the bottom before draining out. In this case the tank was more than 20 years old so therefore we can assume that you should not use an air receiver tank for more than 20 years especially if it is a horizontal air receiver.
  2. Pressure Switch or unloader valve is faulty. In such cases the pressure in the tank goes higher than the set cut-off or unload pressure. In such cases the safety valve should open, but if not checked at regular intervals this safety valve gets jammed or the spring gets faulty. It is rare that both the Pressure Switch and Safety valve will not function simultaneously. In such cases if the air receiver is fairly new then the thickness of the air receiver is good so the tank may not blast but a crack in welding section will occur and the air will gush out. But if the tank is very old like in this situation, then the thickness has got corroded making it weak for it to break.


Please buy the right industrial compressor with sturdy tanks and please do regular maintenance checks to the safety valve and pressure switch. While buying an air compressor or standalone air receiver please ensure that the tanks have the right thickness on their shell and dish sides and are well tested supported by a test certificate. Please note that there is a set thickness chart for desired working pressure in co-relation with the size of the air receiver. Also please note that an air receiver should be tested for at least 1.6 times higher than the set working pressure.

Apart from the above on a regular basis check whether your safety valve and pressure switch is working correctly and the compressor is switching off or going on unload at the right pressure.