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Free Tool to Calculate the Volume of an Air Receiver or Air Storage Tank

By Rajkaran Chawla : Published on 15 October 2016

How to know volume of an Air Receiver by taking its measurements?


How to check the volume of an Air Receiver or Air Storage Tank?

We have noticed that manufacturers of Air Receivers in India make Air Receivers with different Length and Diameter to give you the same capacity in volume. This method is not wrong provided they give you the same capacity of volume as they have quoted. If they have quoted 5000 Liters then it should be the same without any loss in capacity or any +/- 5% variation.

The formulas that are easily available are for calculating the volume of a perfect cylinder but an Air Receiver which looks like below picture, has 2 (two) elliptical ends and what would be the volume of these ends. 'a' in the below diagram is the depth of an elliptical end. These sides are also called the "Dish" ends of the tank.

The part of the cylinder that measures as 'L' or length of the tank is known as the "Shell" of the tank. This is usually the measurement between the welding seams on either side.

The standard air receivers look like this.

Air Receiver and Air Storage Tank Measurements

The standard norm or code of constructing an Air Receiver states that the value 'a' should be 25% of the diameter 'D'.

The correct way to calculate the volume of this air receiver and use the below tool is when you have the internal diameter of the Air Receiver. The internal diameter is not known unless you know the thickness of the shell / cylinder and the dish sides of the tank. But this is a good tool to get a very near value to the actual capacity of the tank.

To use the below tool please physically measure the 'L' (Length), 'D' (Diameter) and 'a' (Depth of Dish / Elliptical side) in meters (m) and paste the values in the below tool. If you do not know the value of 'a' or feel impossible to measure it, you can consider it as 25% of the value 'D' Diameter.

Do contact us if you face any issues with this below tool.