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Hitachi to add Sullair's products to its existing catalogue

By Harveer Chawla : 31 July 2017

Hitachi Sullair

Sullair, a long-established manufacturer of air compressors and accessories in Northwest Indiana, has been purchased by Hitachi. Mayor of Michigan said the city has been assured Hitachi is committed to the city and the company hopes to expand the operation.


President of Sullair - Mr. Jack Carlson, is looking forward to work with his firm's new owner. “We are thrilled by the prospect of partnering with Hitachi to grow Sullair as we embark together on the next chapter in our proud history,” he said.


According to Hitachi, the cost to acquire Sullair from its parent company, Accudyne Industries, was $1.24 billion.


The Tokyo-based firm sells air compressors majorly in Japan and Asian countries and will add Sullair's products to its existing catalog. Sullair was founded in 1965 in Michigan City and also has facilities in China and India.


In February, Sullair opened a new facility, which provides a larger, hands-on training area for employees and a virtual reality compressor training room. CompressorWale had reported the same in March too, click here to read more.


By the end of the year, the company's first oil-free machines also will be available for staff training.

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