Registered Distributors » Prerna Traders - Authorized Dealer of Atlas Copco Air Compressors in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Prerna Traders - Distributor of Atlas Copco in Mumbai

Prerna Traders - Authorised Dealer of Atlas Copco Air Compressors

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

At the onset we take the privilege of introducing our organization,

Prerna Traders, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra as authorized partners of an exhaustive range of world-class products from ATLAS COPCO INDIA LTD, leading global manufacturers of Air Compressors & Dryers, Daikin Air Conditioning India, leading global manufacturers of Industrial Screw & Scroll Chillers used in both Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning Systems & Total Oil India, 7 th Largest Oil & Gas Company also into Industrial Lubricants & Greases.

These products are Recognized / Certified by prestigious Global Bodies like Lloyds & AHRI Our Products/Solutions have proved its worthiness in energy conservation and our products marketed complement Government of India’s ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ initiative.

We have followed a consistent philosophy on commitment to 'Quality of Product', 'Quality of People' and 'Quality of Service', making it possible for us to carve a niche for itself in a rapidly growing and competitive market.

With years of industrial experience we are your trusted partners to put you in a leading position with our products & solutions.

Our sales is backed with after sales service as we do undertake AMC for Air Compressors & Chillers.


​Our Mission: At Prerna, our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower passionate people to realise their aspirations and our vision is to achieve sustainable growth

We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of support with Technical knowledge and year of experience in this Industry. Our team knows what it takes to be the best and how we can help make your business a success.

Ready Stock Air Compressors available as on 11th April 2020

G11FF A7.5TM 500L (8975010867) 1.00 Nos

G7P AlOTM 270L (8975010849) 1.00 Nos

GA15VSD+ FF Air Compressor (8975010491) 3.00 Nos

GA18VSD+ FF Air Compressor (8975010634) 1.00 Nos

GA22VSD+ P Air Compressor (8975010635) 1.00 Nos

GA37+ P A 8, 5 Air Compressor (8975010525) 1.00 Nos

Grand Total 8.00 Nos


Ready Stock Compressed Air Filters available as on 11th April 2020

Filter DD160 (G1 1/2)(8102265397) 1.00 Nos

Filter DD65 (G 3/4) (8102265298) 2.00 Nos

Filter DD 90 (G1) (8102265348) 1.00 Nos

Filter PD 160 (GI 1/2) (8102265363) 1.00 Nos

Filter PD25 (G1/2) (8102265165) 1.00 Nos

Filter PD 65 (G 3/4) (8102265264) 2.00 Nos

Filter PD 90 (G 1) (8102265314) 1.00 Nos

FILTER UD 100+ (G 1) 8102297713 1.00 Nos

FILTER UD15+ (G 1/2) (8102297663) 3.00 Nos

Filter UD310+ (G2) (8102297754) 1.00 Nos

Filter UD 45+ (01) (8102297697) 3.00 Nos

FILTER UD60+ (G1) (8102297705) 1.00 Nos

Filter UD9+ (G3/8) (8102297655) 2.00 Nos

Grand Total 20.00 Nos

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