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Compressor Type : Centrifugal Air Compressor

Brand : Cameron (US-Based)

Year of Manufacture : 2012

Description: Centrifugal Air Compressor delivering 3000 CFM with 500 kW Electric Motor.

Below please find complete technical specifications.

Compressor Running Hours: 39,824

Full Load Hours: 3,720

Modulating Hours: 35,986

Price : Rs. 60 Lacs with all accessories.

City : South India

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  Centrifugal Type
Dis Pressure8.62 Bar
Motor MakeABB
Rated Power500 Kw
Rated speed (RPM)2976
Automatic Soft Starter  Innovative Technomics
Soft Starter model BSC6-500-DC
Heat Exchanger make Alfa Lavals
Model M15- PFM (73 Plats)
Cooling Tower MakeGEM
Capacity200 TR
 Compressor Oil Pump Motor
 Crompton Greaves
 Oil Heater
 Kirloskar Pneumatic

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