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Solar-Powered Air Compressor!

We use solar energy in many ways. Solar energy is free and clean, and is a renewable/non-conventional source of energy. The hard part is capturing the sunlight. It shines all over the earth and only a little bit reaches any one place.

We often deal with unavailability of electrical power at rural areas every time. Due to this, technologists were encouraged to develop solar based air compressor which is based on solar energy and portable in nature and can prove to be very helpful for remote areas and for rural areas applications.

Air compressors are devices or tools that reduce the volume of air thus creating pressure and heat in the air being compressed. One of the most common applications of this technology is for inflating tires or using with a spray painting tool. The basic set up of a solar power air compressor is a number of solar panels that are made up of photo-voltaic cells. The cells create direct current electricity through the reaction of photons with silicon dioxide. This direct current is used to power a motor that works the compressor unit. It can also be used to charge a battery bank that can be used as a backup when the sun is not shining or at night.

This type of low-cost compressor can also provide employment opportunity for the people of rural area by helping them to setup their business like inflated tire repairing or puncher repairing shops near the highways. This type of setup is also portable in nature and can easily be moved from one place to another. Thus this small project can provide a way to enhance rural employment in a clean and green manner along with other major steps.

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